Clover Living

Hey there!

Let us introduce ourselves:
we're Carly and Julie, the brains behind Clover Living!

As fellow parents, we know how tough it can be to balance your personal style with keeping your little ones happy. That's why we created Clover Living – a place where style and smiles can coexist.

We couldn't find any furniture that was both affordable and adjustable, while also being fun for kids to play with. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and design our own furniture!

Come join us and discover a world of fun and functionality for the whole family.
Clover Living – style with a smile!


Hi I’m Carly, an interior junky, married and mom of two.

Being a professional in HR (together with Julie!) for most of my career I have always found the most rewarding part of my job to motivate people so they feel confident to chase their dreams. Supporting them to go for it!

So at a certain moment I asked myself, what is my dream? The answer came easily; it is being an entrepreneur myself with my passion for children and interior design.

That’s how I started to create my own Clover Living dream.


Hi there, I’m Julie. Mom of Lou & Sonny, married, and I live and breathe creativity and design.

I’m always trying out new things. From designing wall art to publishing educational childrens’ books! In my work (together with Carly!) I have always loved working in small - sometimes - chaotic teams. Together pursuing a shared goal.

With Clover Living, everything I love comes together. Creativity, design, children, education and yes…a bit of chaos too!

Soon available